Creating Beautiful Reports

Our Reports feature allows you to quickly add your alerts analytics, top articles, and journalists into an interactive, presentation style report.

Creating your Report

To create your first report, navigate to the Reports page and choose "Create New Report". On that page, you can also see your existing reports, if you have any.

On the page to create a report, you can name the report, choose date range, and pick an alert you want to report on. Choosing your primary color scheme and add your brand's logo to customize the styling of the report.

Once you choose these, options for the slides and analytics you wish to add will pop on to the right. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 10.43.33 AM

Adding Slides to the Report

You can use the toggle in the upper right corner to include or exclude each analytics from the report. 

For each slide, you can choose a title, a description, and a background. The Reports feature will then add the data visualization and information.

As you work, you can view the report in a new tab by choosing "View Report". 

Your final product will look somewhat like this:

You can scroll through and interact with the graphs! Reports can be printed, exported to a pdf, or shared with the URL. You can continue to update the report after. 

Once you have added what you wanted, be sure to click "Save Report".