Using Variables in Outreach

Variables allow you to easily personalize emails sent to a media list.

Once you've created an email campaign, you can add variables to personalize emails sent to a media list.  Variables include things such as a contact's name or organization using the following format

First Name: {{first_name}}

Last Name: {{last_name}}

Organization: {{organization}}

A full list of variables available can be seen by clicking a contact in the Send To field:

Using a Variable

To use a variable in an email, add the desired parameter in the body of the email.  When the email is sent, the variable will be automatically filled for each recipient with the corresponding value.  For contacts that don't have information for a given variable, it will be left blank.

Preview an Email

After drafting your email, you can preview it for any recipient with the Preview button.  Select a given recipient to see how the email will appear when sent to them.