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Working with Properties

Properties allows you to track your website's (or any other website's) blog content to understand how it gets shared across the rest of the internet. You can use this tool to understand what articles and what phrases within them are resonating online

Adding Properties

To add a property, choose "Connect a Site Property" in the top left corner of Properties. From there, you add the RSS feed of the website you want to monitor.

Getting RSS Feed URL

There are several ways to find a website's RSS Feed url.

  1. If you see the RSS Feed logo, simply click on the logo to be taken to the website's RSS Feed and copy the URL.
  2. Any websites powered by WordPress have an RSS Feed URL that is the website with /feed/ added. For example, https://ExampleWordPressWebsite.com/feed/. Often, if is worth quickly trying this simple addition.
  3. You can download a chrome extension to make RSS Feeds URL easy to find if you are going to be collecting many. We suggest Get RSS Feed URL.

If you are having trouble finding the RSS Feed URL, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Using Properties Analytics

Once you set up Properties, give the website a bit of time to populate results. Once results start showing up, you will see posts to a website and each post's social shares. Clicking on an article will give you analytics on Shares over Time, Mentions, and Meaningful Phrases.

Shares over Time, much like in Alerts, displays how much an article has been shared.

Mentions provides key topics in the article that you can click on to see other articles that mention the phrase.

Meaningful Phrases are phrases that get picked up and shared in other articles. This helps you understand what phrases of the original article have been quoted by other media sites. Clicking on a phrase will allow you to see the articles in which the phrase is mentioned.